Check out the feature sets available in the RISR app and how you can leverage each one to benefit your long-term goals.

We've thought long and hard about what feature sets to include to ensure a competitive, user-friendly, and impactful experience for coaches, players and parents everywhere. Keep reading to learn the tools available within the RISR platform and how they can be utilized to help you grow your game.

1. Additional one-on-one instruction throughout the week. Supplement your weekly trainings with relevant lessons to continue to build on what you're learning with your teams and private coaches.

2. Coaches share relevant lessons. Did you know coaches can roam the app FREE of charge and send lessons to their players that they might be helpful? Share lessons with particular players or make it the weekly homework ahead of team practice.

3. Creating community around practice. So often we think of extra work as a solo act, but with RISR friending and activity feed you can can share which workouts you’re doing with your teammates and compete for points with your friends!

4. Keep up with each other over breaks. Winter break, summer break, whatever! Please take the break you need, but sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to get back at it if you've stepped away for too long. Use RISR to stay sharp during the in-between.

5. 10-minute practice prep. Filter lessons that are 5-10 minutes and take one mental training and one hitting lesson before you head into your workout to give yourself something specific to work on. 

6. Feel ready for showcases, tournaments, and big games. Feeling prepared is so important! RISR has you covered with hitting and mental training lessons that will prep you for those big moments in your career both physically and mentally.

7. Weekly mental training sessions. Coaches - have a weekly mental training lesson that your team takes and then discusses for the first 15 minutes of practice. A little goes a long way!

8. Compete. Get competitive and rack up achievement points and badges. Even make it a team competition to encourage improvement outside of practice hours.

9. Create consistent messaging within your organization. It is tough at times to keep all your teams on the same page. Use RISR to help you create a common philosophy and language across your organization.

10.  Leverage Programs. RISR training programs step players through growth in a particular skill set. For example, 'Increasing your Power in 10 Weeks' with Amanda Chidester. Use these programs within your team and continue to build on them at weekly practices.