RISR is a mobile based platform built by and for fastpitch athletes to deliver trusted and actionable training information, instantly.

If you’re new around here and wondering what the purple graphics with Olympians on them are all about, let's go ahead and get to know each other. RISR is a mobile based fastpitch training platform powered by HitTrax and consisting of instruction from four Olympic athletes – Amanda Chidester, Haylie McCleney, Erika Piancastelli, and Janie Reed. RISR is committed to making high-level training information accessible and affordable, for everyone. 

RISR is a central location of collected knowledge and decades of information accumulated between all four instructors. It is the intersection of four completely different athletes that all share a similar hitting philosophy to deliver a variety of unique yet consistent information. Not only is there a passion for offense, but a desire to contribute to the messaging around mental training as well. More than ever, it is important for athletes to have the tools to cope with failure, establish routines, and build a mind that knows how to compete and succeed at whatever level players are at. 

RISR empowers the young athletes to take ownership of their craft and growth. Softball is a bat and ball sport, but when given the opportunity, becomes so much more than that. It is where kids learn how to fail and choose to keep going. It is where kids find community and friendship within a team. It is where kids start to see how far they can go.

Our intention with RISR is to marry high-level training information with empowering messaging to encourage the next generation of our sport to dream even bigger.