Privacy Policy

InMotion Systems, LLC (hereinafter “InMotion”) is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers (hereinafter “Customer”). This Privacy Policy provides a description of the Customer’s personal information collected, entered, and/or measured during use of InMotion’s services, such as at an affiliate partner location,(collectively, “the Service”), during access of the Service via the Company’s web site (hereinafter “Site”) at, and/or during access of the Company’s HitTrax StatsCenter mobile device application (hereinafter “Application”), as well as how the information is used.

This Privacy Policy was last updated December 31, 2015 and forms part of the Terms of Use of the Service, Site, or Application. By using the Service, Site, or Application, Customer agrees to the collection and use of information, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

While using the Service, Site, or Application, InMotion may collect either personal information, which identifies a Customer, or non-personal information which does not directly identify a Customer.

Types of Information Collected
The information collected can include name, age, height, date of birth, email address, skill level, batting and throwing preferences, member or account username and password, and baseball metrics such as Exit Ball Velocity, Distance of Hit, Launch Angle, Pitch Velocity, Pitch Movement and all associated statistics (e.g., batting average, slugging percentage, percentage of line drives, vertical leap, foot speed, etc.) derived from these metrics. At the discretion of the Customer, InMotion may also collect personal information such as graphical content, including photographic or other image content, audio content, and/or video content from the Customer with Customer consent.
When a Customer utilizes the Service provided by InMotion or accesses the Service via the Site and/or via the Application, certain information may be automatically collected. For example, the IP address or mobile device identifier as utilized by the Customer, the service provider, the web browser, or the frequency with which the Customer accesses the Site may be collected by InMotion or by another party using cookies or other technologies.

How the Information Is Collected
The Customer information will be collected at an affiliate partner location where InMotion’s HitTrax Data Capture and Simulation System resides and physically entered into InMotion’s central database where all corresponding data (i.e., Customer information and baseball statistics) can be accessed by the Customer via a membership.

How the Information Will Be Used
The information will be used to determine the Customer’s baseball metrics such as Batting Average, Hard Hit Average, Line Drive Plus Hard Hit, % of Line Drives/Fly Balls/Ground Balls, Slugging Percentage (SLG), On Base Percentage (OPS), Spray Charts, Launch Angle Reports, Strike Zone Analysis, Performance Trends, and other baseball related metrics.

Furthermore, the information collected from the Customer will be used to generate local, national, and global mean averages, as well as percentile rankings and leader boards for each baseball metric by age group or skill level.
InMotion may use the personal information to communicate with the Customer to provide promotional or marketing materials, to provide requested products or services, or to provide information regarding Customer’s membership.

Disclosure of Personal Information Collected
InMotion may disclose the personal information of a Customer to third parties. For example, the information collected from the Customer will be used to generate local, national, and global mean averages, as well as percentile rankings for each baseball metric for all age groups or skill levels. Also, the Customer’s name may be provided on the leader boards of the Site.

In accordance with 16 CFR Part 312 a/k/a the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), personal information of Customers under the age of 13 will NOT be collected, used, and/or disclosed to any third parties without consent of parent or guardian.

InMotion understands that personal information is important to our Customers. InMotion has established and maintains reasonable procedures to protect the confidentiality, security, and integrity of personal information collected from a Customer. InMotion has also taken reasonable steps to release personal information only to service providers and third parties who are capable of maintaining the confidentiality, security, and integrity of such information, and who provide assurances that they will maintain the information in such a manner.

Changes to Privacy Policy
InMotion reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy at any time. Customer’s continued use of the Service, Site, and/or Application constitutes an acceptance of any modifications to the Privacy Policy.