Catching up with the St. Louis Chaos

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Catching up with the St. Louis Chaos

In the world of sports, technology is changing the way athletes and coaches train. The St Louis Chaos (STL) organization has been using the RISR Softball app to improve their game. We spoke with 18U Coach and leadership team leader, Melissa “Skeeter” Gentile, and asked about Chaos’s experience with RISR. Let’s look at how the app affects their training and why it’s a game-changer for softball players of all skill levels.

How it all Started:

We asked Skeeter how she heard about RISR. She found out about it through Amanda Chidester, a RISR instructor, at a convention. This meeting led to a partnership that changed the STL Chaos’s training and performance. Today, there are about 100 players and dedicated coaches who utilize RISR and it is crucial part of the Chaos’s training, giving players and coaches access to valuable softball knowledge from Four Olympians.

Getting Better with RISR

The STL Chaos players use RISR to improve their skills and mental strength. The mental training lessons are especially helpful for experienced teams, dealing with challenges during a tough season. Players went from asking coaches for advice to sharing lessons that resonated with them.

Coaches have found RISR to be a powerful tool for their teams. The STL coaches say,

“We use RISR to create a common language among teams and connect lessons with practice. By assigning lessons and encouraging players to reflect on what they’ve learned, we created a learning cycle that goes from using the app to implementing the lessons on the field and at practice”.

What Players Love

We asked Skeeter what her players like most about RISR.  

She says, “Our older teams have been finding a lot of value in the mental training lessons on the app as we head into our season and the ups and downs of a season can be very difficult. I find many of them searching for an issue they are having in their swing and being able to access the appropriate lesson to work on.  My players ask me all the time for my opinion on lessons they should take but the more they have used the app they are now sending me lessons to check out!”

If you ask the Chaos they like how players are able to choose specific lessons for their individual needs, making them more self-reliant and take ownership of their training outside of practice times. The STL Chaos team recommends understanding the app’s structure and having a plan for sharing information. Starting with shared lessons like sequencing work helps the team progress together.

Skeeter told us about a particular player who has been using RISR effectively, “She has been using the mental training lessons to help her as she tends to over analyze. She typically contacts me once a week to talk through something she is working on from the app or to ask follow up questions based on what she is learning from a lesson.  The RISR app has become her guide. helping her improve her game.”

Why RISR Matters

The STL Chaos says there are many reasons to download RISR but most importantly- the app gives you access to the best softball knowledge, right on your phone. Skeeter observes, “Today’s athletes learn best when they can see, hear, and experience instruction, and RISR offers all of that”. The app’s interactive nature helps you understand, connect, and improve.

The STL Chaos organization’s experience with the RISR Softball app shows how it can improve the way softball teams train. From building mental resilience to creating a common language for teams, RISR has transformed how softball athletes and coaches approach their training. With an easy-to-use interface, comprehensive lessons, and a commitment to excellence, RISR is a valuable tool for any player looking to improve their performance on and off the softball field.

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