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Team Spotlight: Pro Player Hurricanes

The Pro Player Hurricanes have been taking full advantage of RISR ever since they saw it on an instructor’s Instagram account in 2022. The RISR instructors, all of whom are past or current Olympians, provide an additional boost to the Canes’ coaching staff, while showing the team what hard work and dedication can do for their game. The Canes have thirteen players who use the app for individual training and practice prep.

Canes’ coaches Zach and Rick mostly use RISR to help enhance their practice efficiency and flow. They send lessons to their team ahead of practice to help players become familiar with drills before practice starts. Players come to practice prepared, allowing the coaches to spend more time on improving players technique, while cutting down on explanation time. They’ll send mental training lessons from the app especially the night before games to help players get themselves in the right mindset.

As the Canes entered year two with RISR, we asked them a few questions about how they leverage the platform and the impact it has had on their program. Overall, we can summarize their experience with the following quote:

“Every hitter interprets instruction differently and will find some lessons, coaches, or instructors more helpful than others. RISR essentially joins our staff giving us powerful voices to reach our athletes and echo messages, both mechanical and mental, that we desperately want our athletes to absorb.”

RISR: Why did you decide to purchase RISR for your team?

Pro Canes: RISR is a robust yet affordable resource to develop high level hitters from any starting point. It is comprehensive and guides players through their development. The volume of content is unparalleled for the price. For players who work with a local private instructor, the app is an awesome supplement to foster more consistent and effective practice outside of their local instruction. Was a no-brainer for us.

RISR: Best tips you have for using RISR?

Pro Canes: Explore and experiment with each instructor and lesson. Every hitter interprets instruction differently and will find some lessons or voices are more helpful than others. The best way to learn is to just keep trying them out. Also – practice often and consistently. Learning new patterns takes frequent practice! Find the lessons you like and repeat them often.

RISR: Can you tell us how RISR has benefited your team?  

Pro Canes: In so many ways but as an example – Haylie’s leadership program series has been a great mental training tool for our team. Especially the video on MUDITA. Her messages are powerful and help reinforce the team culture we’re trying to create. Young players hearing the message from an active pro, Olympian, and inspiring female athlete tends to be much more effective than from us coaches.

RISR allows players to put in their own time and effort outside of practice to improve their skills and take ownership of their own training. We’re seriously seeing that pay off on the field.

RISR: What are your favorite lessons?

Pro Canes: “Riseball to Dropball”; “Wide Stance”; “Heavy bat to all parts of the zone”; “Jeter Drill”; Haylie’s Leadership Program

Check out RISR’s lessons mentioned above by downloading RISR today.

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